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Services and Solutions

Lighting Design

We offer lighting design through the cooperation with KOVA, the experienced and delicated lighting design house in Hospitality, Urban Landscape, Outdoor Architectural, Park & Bridge, and Office development. The designs integrated practical needs with aesthetic senses. Universiade SHENZHEN 2011 closing ceremony, SHENZHEN Book Mall, Tsz Shan Temple Guanyin Statues (Taipo, Hong Kong) are those projects from KOVA. While their Chief Designer, Mr Zhang Zi Zheng, started his lighting design career since 1993, he had already designed Conference Center of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China in 1996. Included indoor and outdoor lighting design to Crown Plaza Guangzhou Hotel, Wenzhou Chinese Union Square, Tianjin Angang International Building, and Wuhan Aerospace Science and Industry Building, the team provided us reliable, dynamics, diversified works.

Intelligent System - System Integrator

With world energy consumption has risen 45% since 1980 and it is projected to be 70% higher by 2030! At the heart of the strategy is a simple and powerful idea: using natural resources much more productively – efficiently – is both profitable and better for the environment. Schneider is keen on energy management with its usability and reliability. Co-operating with Schneider as System Integrator, which is the key factors in the success of end users’ automation projects as we are the owners of know-how and expertise. Schneider Electric considers us as strategic intermediaries and together we are sure to grow the automation business.

Energy Management Contract (EMC)

Partner up with China Southern Power Grid (CSPG), it is provided free funding on lighting and air-conditioning for energy saving solutions. With the supports from our reliable principals, we are providing Lamps, Luminaires, Gears, LED Lighting, and Control system.

Energy Management System is a model that can facilitate users to reduce energy consumption that in turn minimize operation cost on energy and achieve ideal “Financial Performance” and “Social Responsibility”. There would be supplier and warrantor to assist users to realize their energy saving dream at no out of pocket expense. With the aim to reduce energy consumption, the cost on electricity would ultimately be saved. Warrantor will share the saving with users. To get this into operation, users have to provide initial information on their current energy usage. Supplier and warrantor will arrange a site visit for preparation to propose energy saving solutions. If users signed the cooperation contract with warrantor, supplier could implement the solutions. Once the testing and commissioning is done, saving would be immediately benefited to users. Since this is zero investment to users which warrantor would invest all funds, users could immediate earn positive cash flow through the large decrease payment of electricity bill. Warrantor like CSPG would offer full warranty throughout the contract period which users could save maintenance cost on the related electricity applications. Last but not least, as a responsible corporate, all these could bring the company a positive image with greater reputation on environmental friendly which general public are looking for. Sales would lastly increase.

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