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Company Background

ConTech was established in the year of 2011 with the philosophy to provide the best-suited smart lighting solution to our customer. With the increasing energy saving concern, lighting industry is entering into a new era particularly after the popularity of LED lighting. We believe customer is looking for quality lighting solutions to meet both of their aesthetic (good lighting effect) and rational need (continuous drive for energy saving). So, we organize ourselves to offer lighting design service and solution with a package of reputable lighting branded products to meet our customer need. We even set a new scope for our company "Your Key to Smart Living" to provide advanced lighting control functions in our solutions to meet the increasing need of "Smart Living" with further energy saving benefit to our customer.

Our philosophy of providing best-suited smart lighting solution is advocated by our management with 15 years of experience in the lighting industry who believe customer's satisfaction is the only way for our company's sustainable growth. This is supported by our company and our principals' professional team as the back-bone to provide professional lighting recommendations to our customer.

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